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Stallions Pub is a thought-leader publishing program built to enable subject matter experts by helping them convert their ideas into a book. Stallions Pub Publishing program is for entrepreneurs, business professionals and subject matter experts to write, publish, and market their books and use it to build their brand.

Our Mission

Do you know know that publishing a book is a very exciting and, sometimes, nerve-wracking journey too,for an author like me and you?

We will be doing everything possible to make it easier for you to achieve your dream come true, as in stallions pub pvt ltd,we strive hard to bring quality products & not just give hollow commitment, but we give prime priority to the debutant poets/writers/authors across & round the globe.

Hence for us it’s a big challenging deadline to chase as compromising the quality isn’t our policy, and now we already know that some of you have to represent at the international level through book launch, fairs & writing in various projects etc. And our business starts from here.

Few Words from The Founder MR. Abhijit Patil

Believe on times,but still your timing is more important to be successfull.

Help others, if you think that you are helpless,and help yourselves.Love others if you think that you are left alone ,to love yourselves.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors for Stallions Pub Pvt Ltd Shri Jivandas Borkar Ji

Charismatic leader, socialite, Expert Professional & a very active part of chains of Hotels in Goa India.

Why do we say stallions pub pvt ltd is a thought leader global publishing platform?

We believe in you & we believe that you as an enthusiastic author, writer or poet, You have an amazing innate ability to contribute to the conversations today while also being able to speculate those which may take place in the future.

While the term “thought leader” might sound like another corporate terminology from our global publishing industry whereas in the actual terms of our day- to-day lives, what does it literally means is much more greater than being a notable expert in a specific company, industry or society.

A thought leader is someone who offers guidance and insight to those around them. In other words, a thought leader has a positive reputation of helping others with their intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and insight.

When we say thought leadership ,it is not something you create overnight. But something great that takes a lot more time & years together, while to do the final finishing to yourself as a trusted figure in any field.Thus it’s similar to the fact of Experience taking time, patience, hard work, and a willingness to listen and learn from others, to create ideas that are informed by the needs of the marketplace, with a equal measure of humility, honesty and an appreciation for the human aspect of leading people.”

Hence therefore it’s not only about books here, but apart from them ‘ we strive here to be an whole & sole individual independent international brand , with the common object of imparting real education besides academic knowledge in our minds .

We strive here to generate the man force of thought leaders as to bring difference in ours as well as others lives in & around our planet, which itself is the real meaning goal of education.

Thus we hold this tagline Think & Think Different

Meet The Team

Abhijit Patil


Jivandas borkar

Chairman of Board

ashil naik

Managing Director

We are available at your service whenever you need us.

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