Stallions Pub is a thought-leader publishing program built to enable subject matter experts by helping them convert their ideas into a book.
Stallions  Pub Publishing program is for entrepreneurs, business professionals and subject matter experts to write, publish, and market their books and use it to build their brand.

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Turn your idea into a book. Use it to build your brand and create a global impact.

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What we Learn?

  • Publish your book faster

  • Retain the rights to your book

  • Get real-time sales alerts

  • Earn more on every sale

  • Sell your book worldwide

  • Publish and sell in both Print and eBook formats

  • Monthly profit payout

  • Promote your book

Harinder Cheema

Celebrity Author

"Stallions pub inc", where success is just a gallop away. A publishing house where dreams are translated into reality. Where the journey from a writer to an author is a memorable one. My personal experience has been great.
A publishing platform with a very professional approach and a very personal touch. Wishing more power to "Stallions pub .

Amrit Kaur Atwal

Author / Content Writer

Stallions a great platform for all the budding writers who are looking for a platform to get themselves published. It has the best group of people who will give you the finest quality content at unbelievably low expense at your end. ... Stallions is a house, rather I would say a wind which will make you fly high.

Sarika Sawain

Dialouge writer in ollywood. Works as translator in ollywood. Author of book " Anthakalo"

It's exactly what I was looking for. I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of their books. And I would thank stallions for filling a niche at an affordable price. It's a family and I feel proud to be a member of this family. It's a platform in which we can convert our dreams in to reality. Here they have enabled me, coached me, and given me the confidence to share wealth horizons story widely.

Jasleen Kaur

Principal NBN Smart School, Chandigarh Ex. Principal Ryan International School, Mohali International School Awardee-(ISA Award by the British Council:2015)

Inspired by Stallions Pub Incorporation, I have gathered the courage to write a small appraisal! The expertise and proficiency with which the group is being managed is so remarkable, that no words can express it. It has been a pleasure and a compliment to be its part as an author, as it has given me an opportunity not only to read Indian Authors but also best of talented writers and authors abroad. My special thanks to Abhijit, who is a dexterous writer, gifted with a natural aptitude and talent. He has been a wonderful mentor and guide in the entire journey. Reading his articles, one can get an insight of the practical world and he connects people socially. I love reading his blogs and admire his savoir faire and sophistication in writing. Looking forward for a long association.

Wishing you a bright future ahead !

Dr Vandana Deo

Homeopathic Doctor

Being a curious writer I always wanted to express my thoughts and freeing them to the glance of other lovely people around our planet .Thank you very much "Stallions Pub for giving me this opportunity , and it's not only now that i am able to express myself but also got a chance to see the beautiful working culture of other co authors.
Stallion pub has a great reputation.So its an honor to work with you .
The anthology 'first few lines' is my debutante book & further many more miles to come. It was such a great learning experience .
Thank you so much

Maleka Jabeen.


In present times when the art called poetry is assumed to be degraded and taken for granted, I thank Stallions Pub to come up with an initiative to help poets from round the world get their work published. The anthology- "First Few Lines" is the begining of my journey in the literary world of publishing. Working with nation and international poets of the contemporary world and exploring their writing styles has been a great learning experience. Your name being among the well known personalities and versatile co-authors is obviously a feeling of pride. Being a part of this anthology filled me up with a sense of contentment and achievement. The support from team Stallions has been impeccable from the very beginning to the end. Be it editing my content to being a perfect guideline for organizing a book launch,the team helped grow. Our hard work has paid off and the book ultimately turned out to be a great collection of poems,love,Togetherness, exploration,new acquaintances and many more importantly new experiences.

Mr Edwin Mckinney

Author U. S.A

God is my destination and where I would like to see.To be a apart of this company through good lords mercy I have experienced as one of the best quality of work and I am sure that the world will acknowledge.
Our future generation wants to change the world from black and white to the world of all new human ideology through words, poetry, education and sheer determination.

To the Dedication shown, I thank stallions pub, an God's grace for allowing me, Mr Edwin McKinney to be apart of the future.

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